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  ベネビデス マルコス   BENEVIDES, Marcos
  ベネビデス マルコス
   キャリア区分   研究者教員
   教育組織   大学  リベラルアーツ学群
   職位   准教授
1. 2001/09~2002/08 University of Calgary Graduate School, Division of Language Education Teaching English as a Second Language 修士課程修了 Masters in Education, TESL
2. 1996/09~1998/05 Concordia University Faculty of Literature Department of English 卒業 BA Honours, Double Major in Literature and Creative Writing
   Atama-ii Books
English Linguistics, Task-Based Curriculum Design, Extensive Reading Materials Development, Literature and Literary Theory, Creative Writing (キーワード:タスクベースの言語教育「TBLT」、言語教育方法、多読、教材設計、語用論、創造的執筆) 
Linguistics; Second Language Education
1. 2018/04/01~ English Language Program (ELP) Coordinator Coordinator
2. 2018/04/01~ Foundational Education Committee Member
3. 2016/04/01~2018/03/31 Eigo Core Curriculum Committee Chair
4. 2015/04/01~2018/03/31 ELP Faculty Communications Committee Chair
5. 2015/04/01~2018/03/31 ELP Faculty Development Committee Chair
1. 2019/07~2020/03  Validating a task-based assessment tool for second language speaking tasks 学内学術研究振興費 (キーワード:task-based language teaching, TBLT, language assessment)
2. 2020/04~2021/03  Investigating a structuralist approach to teaching literature in non-western contexts 学内学術研究振興費 
3. 2021/04~2022/03  Investigating the application of pragmatics to task based language assessment. 学内学術研究振興費 
4. 2022/04~2025/03  To develop an improved grading management system for task based language instruction 基盤研究(C)(一般) (キーワード:task-based language teaching, grading rubrics, language assessment, TBLT)
1. 著書  Widgets Inc.: A task-based course in workplace English (Second Edition) (共著) 2018/11 Link
2. 著書  Reading for Speed and Fluency 1 (共著) 2017/12 Link
3. 著書  Reading for Speed and Fluency 2 (共著) 2017/12 Link
4. 著書  Reading for Speed and Fluency 3 (共著) 2017/12 Link
5. 著書  Reading for Speed and Fluency 4 (共著) 2017/12 Link
1. 2019/11/02 Publish Your Own Adventure: Writing for Extensive Reading(Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) International Conference) Link
2. 2019/08/21 Task-based textbook design: challenges and solutions(8th International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching) Link
3. 2018/11/24 Designing a Themed Task-Based Syllabus: An Update(44th Annual JALT International Conference)
4. 2018/09/08 A Task-based Syllabus Framework for Business Communication(JALT Business Communication SIG 3rd Annual Conference)
5. 2017/11/22 Narrative Level Complexity in L2 Graded Readers(43rd Annual JALT International Conference)
1. 2022/02/27 Developing Communicative Competence in Senior High School English Classes(Tokyo Metropolitan Showa Senior High School)
2. 2020/08/23 Designing a task-based course on Moodle: a work in progress(online)
3. 2020/03/30 Making Communicative Teaching Viable through Bottom-up Task-based Assessment(Virtual: Link
4. 2020/03/01 Task-Based Language Teaching: Instruction, Assessment, and Course Design(International online course) Link
5. 2020/02/18 Task-based Language Teaching for High School Teachers of English(Tokyo Metropolitan Showa Senior High School)
1. 2002/01/10 Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA) Certified Assessor
1. 2010/11 Duke of Edinburgh English Book Award Link
2. 2011/02 British Council ELTon Award Link
3. 2011/11 Best of JALT Award Link
4. 2015/03 British Council ELTon Award Link
5. 2015/03 Language Learner Literature Award Link