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  ウィルビー クリスティーン   WILBY,Christine Mary
  WILBY,Christine Mary
   所属学系   言語学系
   教育組織   大学  グローバル・コミュニケーション学群
   職位   教授
1. 1968/12~1969/02 Queen Mary's Hospital, Hanmer, N.Z., Nurse-Aide
2. 1969/02~1975/03 Calvary Hospital, Ch.Ch. N.Z., Nurse-Aide
3. 1969/02~1975/03 Christchurch Womens' Hospital, Ch.Ch. N.Z., Nurse-Aide
4. 1969/02~1975/03 Mary Potter Hospice, Ch.Ch. N.Z.
5. 1975/04~1980/03 Koko's English School, Tokorozawa, Tokyo, Part-time English Instructor to children
1. ~1975/03 University of Canterbury double major in Psychology minor in religion 卒業 B.A
2. 1989/08 Royal Society of Arts/Cambridge University Examination Syndicate
3. ~2003/05 Aston University Socio-cultural research Department of European Studies and Modern Language 博士課程修了 Ph.D.
4. ~1993/07 Aston University 修士課程修了 M. Sc. TESP (Teaching English for Specific Purposes)
Bridge School, Tutoring Thesis students, N.Z. Field Studies Program
1. 1996~ IATEFL (International Association of English as a Foreign Language), Europe
2. 1997~ TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), U.S.A.
3. 1998~ JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers), Japan
4. 2008~ SWET: Society of Writers, Editors and Translators
1.   ‐ 個人研究 
1. 論文  A Place for Post-colonial Literature in the Japanese English Curriculum  2010/05
2. 論文  Post Colonial Literature and Globalization - locating new centers  2009/03
3. 論文  The Role of the Passive Participator - an investigation into the "silent" group member  2008/11
4. 論文  Understanding Janet Frame II: landscape and identity  2007/03
5. 論文  Towards a Reader-Response Approach to Reading - skills for bringing students into the interpretative community  2006/03
1. 1980/07 Introduction to New Zealand and its People(Nippon Insatstu Main Offices Tokyo Japan)
2. 1990/02 Japanese Educational Systems( Rotary Club Christchurch Branch, NZ.)
3. 1996/08 Healthy Work Environments;Feedback Systems in ELT Management(University of Aston, Birmingham, England)
4. 2002/06 Special Lecture on Cross Culture understanding(Obirin Junior College)
5. 2008/05 The Role of the Passive Participator in Japanese Discussions(PANSIG of JALT, Host Kyoto University, Japan)
1. 1971 Royal Schools of Music, London, England
2. 1972 Trinity College of Music, Cambridge, England
3. 1976 Black Belt Karate
4. 2007/10 Jouku Taikyokuen