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  スガヌマ ウンリュウ   SUGANUMA, Unryuu
  菅沼 雲龍
   教育組織   大学  リベラルアーツ学群
   職位   教授
1. 1990/01~1991/05 St. John’s University Institute of Asian Studies Teaching Assistant
2. 1999/06~2002/03 中央大学、 社会科学研究所 客員研究員
3. 2000/04~2003/03 北陸大学、 法学部 専任講師
4. 2003/01~2007/03 Temple University Japan, Undergraduate Adjunct Professor of International Affairs
5. 2003/11~2005/03 北陸大学、 法学部 専任助教授
1. 1994/01~1996/07 Syracuse University Maxwell School (Geography Department) Human Geography 博士課程修了 Doctor of Philosophy
2. 1992/09~1993/12 Syracuse University Maxwell School (International Relations Program) International Relations 修士課程修了 Master of Arts
3. 1991/09~1992/06 Boston University 経済学研究科 経済学専攻修了 non-degree program
4. 1989/06~1991/06 St. John's University Institute of Asian Studies Chinese Studies 修士課程修了 Master of Arts
人文地理学, 政治学, 国際関係論 (キーワード:Sino-Japanese Relations, Chinese Politics, International Relations, and Territorial Disputes) 
Sino-Japanese Relations, Political Geography of East Asia, and Japanese Politics etc.
1. 1989/06~ Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
2. 1993/12~ Association of American Geographers (AAG)
3. 1995/11~ American Historical Association (AHA)
4. 1996/07~2002/06 American Political Science Association (APSA)
5. 1998/06~ 東方学会
1. 1989/12/01~1991/06/30 Minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee on Multicultural Concerns, Graduate School, St. John’s University member
2. 1989/12/01~1991/06/30 Pacific Rim Initiatives Committee, Graduate School, St. John’s University member
3. 1994/01/01~1996/06/30 Ad Hoc Committee on CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Software, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Graduate School, Syracuse University member
4. 1997/04/03 Panel Chair: “Conflicts and Territory,” 93rd Annual Meeting of AAG, Fort Worth, Texas, USA Panel Chair
5. 1998/06/01~1998/07/30 レフェリー、AsiaPacific Issues、East-West Center、Hawaii、USA レフェリー
1. 2014/11~  两岸关系和平发展协同创新中心 国際共同研究 
2. 2005/08~2006/08  日本企業の経営管理 国際共同研究 
3. 2003/10~2003/11  新彊イスラム教の現地調査 その他の補助金・助成金 (キーワード:中国イスラム、漢人ーイスラム関係)
4. 2003/04~2004/03  ジャパニーズ・ディアスポラに関する研究 その他の補助金・助成金 (キーワード:ジャパニーズ・ディアスポラ、日本移民)
5. 2002/04~2004/03  ジャパニース・ディアスポラの研究 若手研究(B) (キーワード:日本少数民族、日本移民)
1. 著書  "Coordinating Policy Toward Fiscal Preparedness for Natural Disasters: A Post-2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Perspective, Japan After 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Fukushima Meltdown, edited by Pradyumna P. Karan and Unryu Suganuma (共著) 2016/09
2. 著書  "Historical Geography of Japanese Tsunami," Japan After 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Fukushima Meltdown, edited by Pradyumna P. Karan and Unryu Suganuma (単著) 2016/09
3. 著書  "TEPCO and Nuclear Energy Politics: An Analysis of the "Japanese Pentagon," Japan After 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Fukushima Meltdown, edited by Pradyumna P. Karan and Unryu Suganuma (単著) 2016/09
4. 著書  「12.3 国境・民族紛争」、『地理学概論』第2版、上野和彦・椿真智子・中村康子編 (単著) 2015/10
5. 著書  "Japan and China : Senkaku/Diaoyu and the Okinawa/Liuqiu Problems," in The San Francisco System and Its Legacies: Continuation, Transformation and Historical Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific, edited by Kimie Hara (単著) 2015
1. 1994/10/14 “China’s View of World Order: The Case of the Liuqiu Kingdom (Ryukyu Islands)”(AAS (Association for Asian Studies) New York Conference, Utica College)
2. 1994/10/23 “Chinese Foreign Policy: Sino-Liuqiu Relations and the ‘World Order’”(AAG (Association of American Geographers) Annual Meeting Middle States Division, Vassar College)
3. 1995/09/15 “The Irredentism Debate of the Diaoyu Islands”(AAS New York Conference, SUNY Buffalo)
4. 1995/11/21 “The State Structure between Japan and China: Does the Political System Make a Difference?”(Annual Meeting Middle States Division AAG, SUNY Geneseo)
5. 1996/10/11 “The Japanese Giri vs. the Chinese Guanxi Network: Is Asian Culture ‘Unique’?”(AAS New York Conference, Dowling College)
1. 2016/11/26~2016/11/27 Japan Tsunami と米国の日本災害研究の状況(福島大学)
2. 2016/03/17~2016/03/18 原発事故・市民運動・日本政治(桜美林大学)
3. 2009/12/10 「鳩山政治:日中・日米関係」(中国)
4. 2015/10/29 南西諸島従何理来的?(中国福建省)
5. 2015/10/26 新安保法案:集団自衛権(中国福建省)
1. 1995/01 Research Award (Ph.D. Dissertation) from Pacific Cultural Foundation
2. 1995/09 Graduate Scholarship Award, Graduate School, Syracuse University
3. 1997/08 Recognized for “Distinguished Research” on Ph. D. Dissertation, Graduate School, Syracuse University