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  リー リサ   LI, Lisa
  LI, Lisa
   所属学系   人文学系
   教育組織   大学  グローバル・コミュニケーション学群
   職位   准教授
1. 1980/07~1984/07 Beijing Broadcasting College, PRC English Department 卒業 B.A.
2. 1992/09~1995/05 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA East Asian Languages and Literature 修士課程修了 M.A.
3. 1995/05~1998/12 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Chinese Literature 博士課程修了 Ph.D.
Chinese literature and culture, East Asian literature and culture, Japanese Literature and culture (キーワード:modernity, postmodernity, globalization, gender, culture, cinema) 
1. 2000/03~ AAS[Association for Asian Studies]
2. 2000/10~ Institute of Asian Cultural Studies( IACS)
3. 2002/06~ MLA[Modern Language Association]
4. 2007/06~ AJLS[Association for Japanese Literary Studies]
1. 論文  Absences and Excesses in Cinematic Representations of Beijing (単著) 2012/03
2. 論文  Gendered Transcultural Romance: Subversions and Problematics (単著) 2011/03
3. 論文  Writing 'National Literature' from a Gendered Transnational Point of View (単著) 2010/03
4. 論文  Crime Narratives of Postsocialist China (単著) 2009/03
5. 論文  Life Narrative, Emotional Truths, and Ethnic Correctness (単著) 2008/03
1. 2000/06/24 Nihilism of the Absurd: Avant-garde Fiction by Can Xue(Fourth Annual Asian Studies Conference Japan)
2. 2001/02/13 Nihilism of the
Indifference vs.
Nihilism of the Absurd(2001 National Conference[NAAAS, NAHLS, NANAS and IAAS].)

3. 2001/06/22 Shanghai Re-Narrativised: Weihui's Blank Fiction and the Commodification of Desire(Fifth Annual Asian Studies Conference Japan.)
4. 2001/07/25 Surviving the Borderline Area - Reading of 'Outside Fiction' by Female Chinese Writers of the 90s(The 8th International Conference of Intercultural [Ex]change.)
5. 2002/06/21 Beyond Genre: Challenges and Problematics Brought by Internet Literature(Sixth Annual Asian Studies Conference Japan.)