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  ブロードブリッジ ジェームズ   BROADBRIDGE, James
   所属学系   言語学系
   教育組織   大学  グローバル・コミュニケーション学群
   職位   講師
1. 2004/04~2012/03 日体荏原高等学校 その他(教員以外)
2. 2004/09~2010/03 Keisen University Centre for English Education Research 非常勤講師
3. 2005/04~ Tokyo Metropolitan University Engineering Department 非常勤講師
4. 2007/04~ Aoyama Gakuin University Department of English 非常勤講師
5. 2009/04~2010/04 Komazawa University Department of Global Media Studies 非常勤講師
1. 1995/09~1998/07 Wolverhampton University 卒業
2. 2002/04~2004/10 University of Birmingham Centre for English Language Studies TEFL / TESL 修士課程修了 MA
1. 著書  An Example and Analysis of Consciousness Raising in the EFL Classroom (単著) 2009
2. 論文  Commercial Conversations. In C. S. C. Chan & E. Frendo (Eds.) New ways in teaching business English (単著) 2014/04
3. 論文  The Sales Pitch. In C. S. C. Chan & E. Frendo (Eds.) New ways in teaching business English (単著) 2014/04
4. 論文  6 Tips for Peer-editing Written Work. (単著) 2013/12
5. 論文  Review of Teaching and Researching: Motivation. Second Edition. Zoltan Dornyei and Ema Ushioda. (単著) 2011/09
1. 2009/04 Vocabulary Teaching Practices(Aoyama Gakuin 16th Annual Teaching Symposium)
2. 2010/04 Listening Teaching Practices(Aoyama Gakuin 17th Annual Teaching Symposium)
3. 2011/04 Listening Course Description, Overview and Best Practices(Aoyama Gakuin 18th Annual Teaching Symposium)
4. 2012/04 Apps for Teachers and Students(Aoyama Gakuin 19th Annual Teaching Symposium)
5. 2012/11 Student Generated Vocabulary Lists: Introduction, Reinforcement and Assessment(Tokai University Teaching Symposium)